Sunday, February 1, 2009








Jersey Yen said...

somehow I can't leave messages on your new blog, so... I hope you'll see this msg.

here's the content should've be on your new one:

gosh! is this new blog?! I thought you were missing! I didn't know that you changed place. I just saw "jump jump" out there on the top of your old blog page. glad I clicked the link, so I can see how your life is going again. :)

btw, we're going to Japan this summer, no doubt, no questions, will definitely go!!! it has been a while since last autumn, we missed you guys so much. can't wait to hang out with you guys!! *hugs*(o^-^o)

:p I know it's kinda stupid to transit it here, but I had no idea how to leave comments on your new blog... *sigh*

hope you're doing well, my dearest sis!:))

kimie said...

oh my.....!!!!!
i just, just now noticed your msg, my dearest sis, j!!!
haven't seen this blog, your this msg...for a month...really really sooooorryy!!!!

aww miss you my dear, it seems we(including double ken, haha) are always so busy that we always have a time lag for reading, replying each messages...haaa.

anyway, i'm sooo happy to see your message now! and you know? i also sent msg to your pc address ;)

thank you thank you, you left such a big big sweet news!! XD can't wait for this summer! we have lots of fun places to take our sweet taiwan family!!! talk more, talk more until your summer visit!!!

wan-an, hope you see this silly msg from me...

xxx kimie