Monday, November 24, 2008

three-day holidays (the 1st day)

*shot with FinePix



finally i got the new PC...but i don't finish the setup. can't use a scanner and a printer, didn't import my favorite url to the browser yet, umm...there're lots of things to do, but i have no power to do so after working overtime, so, sorry i'll reply to your comments after finishing those matters.

this weekend, we japanese had three-day holidays. the first day, we drove around saitama all day. the goal was here, the shot. woo beautiful! we enjoyed seeing these displays and the light-up autumnal leaves of trees in the park about an hour at night. it was so cold outside, but these warm made us smile. hey, the cold and walking outside like this was kinda training for our next trip to tohoku region at the end of this year, wasn't it, my dear? anyway, i noticed we need and get some warm clothes for winter!

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