Sunday, October 12, 2008

asian food party




味がしっかりしみて、しっとり柔らかくておいしい~。hao chi hao chi :D



er...i made the fried rice noodle too much? at first i thought so, but after all, i found that i didn't have to worry about was not too much as a dish for 9guys. ;) btw, since a month ago, i'm a big fan of thin type rice noodle, 新竹米粉. thanks K & J, you two told me how delicious the taiwanese food is! bali food and taiwan food...yesterday was the day we all just ate a lot!

sharing the meal time with good friends is a good spice for the dishes on the table ;)

the party's youngest guest felt asleep in his mother's arms after romping around. he's so adorable indeed! children's growth is quickly, i'll be surprised at your growth next time i meet you...


はなころてんちょ said...



Jersey Yen said...

hihi! dear sis!!!
so glad that you created a new blog here! I can leave english here! that's awesome!
I went to Taipei Zoo with A-Ke & Monkey & another friend today. very funny and stupid trip! we had good time though... ;p
btw, I linked your blog to mine already.
talk more later! *kisses*

p.s. my blog just have chinese, sorry about that. I'm gonna write something in english sometimes.

kimie said...



ni hao sweetie :D
aww thanks for dropping by, ahaha~that cute, crazy guys and you must have had the exciting time in Zoo! wish i could have joined youuu... thank you, and plz let me link my blog to yours too! yep yep, me too, i will not always write all in english, but sometimes, something. anyway, happy to see you here we can talk more!!! plz say hello to ken and your cute kittens!

Jersey Yen said...

hahaha, I visited aya's blog just now. the fry rice noddle looks so yummy, so does the pork dish!!! seems you did a great job on those taiwanese food. you should come over here and learn more!!! :D

(oooh btw, I was so good at guess the word verification in japanese. I did success all of them on aya's blog!!! *happy*)

kimie said...

konbanwa Jersey, my dearest sis!
yum yum...the dish was made by nanacoro, its soup was 四物湯料(yeh, what we got at the supermarket on that typhoon saturday!). sooooo delicious!! plz plz teach us your loco food! we all love taiwanese food! :D

hahaha~happy to hear that, you can jump to our friends' web pages and post comments!!