Saturday, October 18, 2008

pancake holiday


it was a very autumn holiday today. a perfect day for taking a walk, the forest bathing, feeling the crisp air...and after that, this lovely dish was waiting for us on the 2nd floor of the small building. this pancake is for lunch, we were so excited at it even though we started tasting, because of the looks, melty melty chedder cheese!


パンケーキのお味はもちろんのこと、お店の小ぢんまりとした、ゆっくりくつろげる落ち着いた雰囲気もすっかり気に入ってしまいました。次回あのスイートな台湾カップルが来たときは代々木公園から明治神宮、このパンケーキカフェまでのツアーガイドにならせていただきます :)


mine was dessert pancake. look, the salty butter caramel sause was truly delicious...!!! that's why i ate it up also the sause, though i'm on a diet.
not only the taste of pancake, but also the atmosphere of the cafe was lovely, cozy. they gave us a relax, lasurely time, indeed. next time that sweet cute taiwanese couple visit tokyo, i'll be a tour guide, visiting yoyogi-park, meiji-jingu and this pancake cafe ;)))

btw, i should shoot more with digital camera or buy new one for myself...i don't get used to the digital camera yet...


Jersey Yen said...

the pancake looks really delicious as your description. please take us to go there next time!
how have you been? A-Ke went to Bail Island yesterday, that reminded me samzo couple and your asain food party!!
I'm kinda off lately, so hang out with those friends quite often. nothing's really special though, most exciting thing is that we received a postcard from mika last night. that made my day!!! :D

kimie said...

hellooooooo jersey, my dear sweetest sis!!!
sorry i couldn't reply to your comment for a long's everything? genki? me and kenichi and my PC are a bit tired with work...but we're OK (but PC,haha).
yep yep, i'd love to take you two to this pancake cafe next time! i bet you'll love it! A-Ke was back from Bali island already? aww talking about like that with you, i'm getting feeling to go abroad and meet you again soon!
it's getting colder in Tokyo, how about taiwan? you know, i love the season in Japan, but unfortunately i've caught a cold last week...though now i recover. take care, keep warm my dears ;)))